JPVerbs John Paterno Signature
JPVerbs - REmatrix library
€ 79.00
GoldenGlue Platinum
GoldenGlue Platinum - REmatrix library
€ 79.00
Imagined Spaces - REmatrix library
€ 79.00
REmatrix Factory Library
REmatrix Factory Library features more than 250 unique IRs and 450 presets, designed in real mix sessions, and include an exclusive bank created by John Paterno.
REmatrix Factory library
€ 99.00
REXP - REmatrix Library
REXP, the REmatrix Expansion library REXP is a collection of 125 pristine impulse responses with 100 individual presets.
REXP - REmatrix library
€ 79.00
Drive Blast IR Library
Drive Blast - REmatrix Expansion library Harmonic distortion is at the center of an exciting sound. Drive Blast contains 101 impulse responses, created with various amounts of harmonic distortion processed through sophisticated audio effect chains. ...
Drive Blast - REmatrix library
€ 79.00