92 new ambience settings at your fingertips

Get more and more reverb tones out of your BREVERB 2!

BREVERB 2 Mix Pack is a BREVERB 2 expansion kit containing 92 presets designed by the top notch engineer Sabino Cannone (MoReVoX) and covering a wide range of mixing contexts.

Presets have been collected from real situations, so they are ready to fit into your mix.

If you are on a tight deadline, or if you want a pro-sound with a few clicks, the BREVERB 2 Mix Pack is the right addition for you.


Content of BREVERB 2 Mix Pack

Bank Description
80s-90s 30 presets which recreates the classic reverb matrix used on countless hits in the '80s and '90s
Backing Vocals 12 presets specifically designed to fit backing vocals into the mix
Brass 15 presets suited for brass, brass sections and woodwinds reverberation; perfect for R&B, soul and funk styles
e-ROOMS If you are looking for that dirty and compressed room tone for your rock drums, this is the place to start. The e-ROOMs bank contains 10 presets to add a Nirvana or Aerosmith-style ambience to your drums and guitars tracks.
EFX Be creative with these 15 incredible ambiences. Create complex soundscapes and unique sound effects in a few clicks.
El. Piano & Organs 10 presets to second and emphasize the dynamics and tone shape of Rhodes®, Clavinet®, Wurlitzer® electric pianos and Hammond® organs.

Click here to know how to import new preset banks into BREVERB 2.

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