Hybrid Free

Hybrid Free

FREE! Reverb Collection with hybrid reverb sources for unique sound textures


Hybrid is a Reverb Impulse library that synthesizes the fascinating life of the real spaces with the soundness of the digital reverb units. Up to ten multiple reverb sources have been spread in the stereo field and mixed together using Tube summing mixers in order to achieve unique textures. The library contains 10 IRs and 15 presets.


The IRs are designed for the REmatrix multilayer convolver, whose Player version can be downloaded for free.

The REmatrix engine allows you to use these IRs in their purest form or experiment layering multiple IRs, achieving unique immersive rooms. The Library has been edited and developed by Sabino Cannone (MoReVoX).

REmatrix at a glance

Having more reverbs in parallel on different busses is the secret weapon of many pro. This allows to create more structured spaces and have a unique control on the tone.

REmatrix recreates this process in a single plugin. It offers 5 parallel convolvers in which you can load separate IRs and easily blend them to compose your final reverb.

rematrix fx


REmatrix also integrates an effect chain dedicated to increase the dynamic and the liveliness of the IRs. You can mix a delay effect, add saturation to increase the warmth if the reverb and also modulate the IR resonances to produce a more natural and vibrant tone.


Discover the huge selection of REmatrix expansion libraries.

Get the library for free

The library is FREE. It can be loaded into REmatrix Full as well as the free REmatrix Player, with the following steps:

  1. If you already have REmatrix Full or REmatrix player installed, please skip to step 5
  2. If you do not have an Overloud account, you need to create one for free.
  3. Download and install the free REmatrix Player. That’s our IR loader.
  4. Open the plugin in your daw and when asked for the authorization, log in with your Overloud account. Your license will be automatically displayed:
     REmatri player authorization


  5. Download the Hybrid Free library
  6. Drag the downloaded library into REmatrix in order to install it.
    IF ASKED FOR A SERIAL, CLICK CANCEL: the library will be authorized anyway.
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