Overloud Licensing Sysyem

The Overloud licensing system allows you to authorize up to three computers, Mac and Windows, at the same time and one USB stick.
The iLok® is not supported.
The USB stick authorization is optional; you can simply authorize your computer with no USB, but with an authorized USB stick you can:

  • Use the software on many computers (the authorization is on the USB stick and you can carry it around).
  • Keep installers and licenses on ONE single USB stick.
  • Use the software on computers that don't have internet connection.
  • Authorize your Studio computer, your laptop AND your USB Stick at the same time!
  • The USB authorization can be deposited on any USB stick (mass storage USB)
  • You can keep using the USB stick to carry around your regular files: licenses uses only a few Kb.
  • You can use the same USB stick to activate Overloud®, Waves® and Plugin Alliance® products.

* iLok®, Waves® and Plugin Alliance® trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Overloud is in no way affiliated or associated with PACE®, Waves® and Plugin Alliance®.