Demo policy

There are two options to evaluate an Overloud Product Demo:


1 - Full feature 15 days

You can run the demo for 15 days with no limitations. All the features of the Product are enabled. You can save and recall the presets and the plugin state into a session. MIDI is enabled in the products which support MIDI. Your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to start the 15 days demo.
After 15 days the plugin stops to process the audio and becomes locked. You can only ask for 10 minutes demo sessions or unlock the plugin by purchasing a license.

2 - 10 minutes session

If your 15 days demo period is expired or if you want to have a brief look at the product before starting the 15 days demo, you can ask for a 10 minute demo. During these 10 minutes, all the plugin features are enabled except the save feature. You cannot save or export presets and the plugin state is not saved into the session. After 10 minutes the product stops to process the audio and becomes locked.

You can unlock the demo at any time by purchasing a new license in the Overloud's webshop. As soon as you have a valid serial number, you can unlock the plugin by clicking on Authorize.