British Classics

British Classics

29 Amp + 29 Cabs + 29 Presets TH-U expansion library

TH-U British Classics

British Classics - Rig Library

British Classics is a TH-U Rig Library containing 29 legendary British amp models (29 amps + 29 cabs) and 29 presets.

The Rig Models are created by capturing setups with the following amplifiers*:

  • Blackstar HT 40 OD channel - 1x12 Clst cab
  • Blackstar HT5 Clean channel - 1x12 cab with SM57 mic
  • Blackstar HT5 OD channel - 1x12 cab with Royer 121 mic
  • Cornell Romany Clean channel - 1x10 combo speaker
  • Cornell Romany Crunch - 1x10 combo speaker
  • Cornell Romany OD channel - 1x10 combo speaker
  • Laney GH100L Clean channel - 4x12 vintage cab
  • Laney GH100L Crunch - 4x12 vintage cab
  • Laney GH100L OD channel - 4x12 vintage cab
  • Laney Ironheart Studio Clean channel - IRT212 cab
  • Laney Ironheart Studio OD channel - IRT212 cab
  • Marshall 1959 Randy Rhoads - 4x12 Greenback cab
  • Marshall JMP 1987 - 1960AV 4x12 cab
  • Marshall JMP50 1976 - 4x12 1960AV cab
  • Marshall JMP50 Clean - 4x12 Greenback cab
  • Marshall Origin 20C - 1x10 Celestion cab
  • Marshall Superlead 1973 Golub Mod - 4x12 Greenback cab
  • Orange Micro Dark Dist - 1x12 PPC112 cab
  • Orange OR15 Clean - 1x12 PPC112 w/ Royer 121 cab
  • Orange Rockerverb 50 - 2x12 combo w/ SM57
  • Orange Rockerverb 50 Lead - 4x12 1960AV cab
  • Orange Thunderverb 50 Crunch - 2x12 Vintage 30 cab
  • Orange Thunderverb 50 Dist - 4x12 PPC412 cab
  • Victory Kraken Od - 4x12 Vintage 30 cab
  • Victory V40 Crunch - 2x12 V212VV Clst cab
  • Victory V40 Lead - 2x12 V212VV Clst cab
  • Vox AC15 Heritage Boost - 1x12 alnico alnico
  • Vox AC30 Top Boost - 2x12 combo w/ U47
  • Vox Cambridge Reverb - 1x12 combo speaker


Studio Rigs and Direct Rigs


All the rigs in this library contain both the so called studio rigs and the corresponding direct rig, i.e. the rigs captured without the cabinet, by using a loadbox.
They does not retain any part of the cabinet response and they are useful to pair them with other cabinets or IRs. Watch how they work...





This library is available on iPhone and iPad for the THU App & Plug-in.
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This Rig Library can be loaded into any TH-U edition.

If you don't own TH-U, then by purchasing this library you will receive a TH-U Essential License for free.



How to Install

1. Drag the library file into TH-U

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2. Enter the serial number you have received after purchasing the library

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