TAF jenz-P

TAF jenz-P

Supercab IR Library: 3x12 Cab Tweed Fender* Vibrolux with JensonPQ speakers

TAF jenz-P

TAF jenz-P - Supercab IR Library

TAF jenz-P is the Supercab IR Library created by Andy from TheAmpFactory in his Orangetreestudios HQ, capturing a 3x12 Tweed Fender* Vibrolux with JensonPQ speakers.

"The Sound of Clapton in a nutshell, One of his favorite recording amps due to the low impedance of the driver, pushing it to new limits that gave a crispy sound to the recording, Our capture shows this too, perfect for that lower/upper harmonics or edge of breakup sound, This particular speaker was part of his private collection, and we were Honored to have used & abused it!"
- Andy (TheAmpFactory)

Made for the supercabinet

The library is created for the TH-U SuperCabinet, which allows to:

  • graphically browse the IRs in the library
  • blend them together
  • craft new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode
  • use the IR in the software
  • export the IRs in .wav, compatible with the software IR loaders and all the major hardware modelers

Discover the entire collection

The SuperCabinet offers a wide collection of IR libraries, including the Official Jensen Speakers IRs, Choptones and The Cab Factory.
Any single library in the collection is created after an extensive sampling and editing work, seeking the perfection in every capturing step.



Bundles of 3 and 10 libraries with increasing discounts are available


Speaker: JensonPQ
Origin: 3x12 Tweed Fender* Vibrolux
Mic Pre: Neve1073/Neve VR Legend Console
Pre-EQ: NO
HPF/LPF: Active

The IRs have been captured using the following 14 microphones:

  • AKG* C414
  • Audix* i5
  • Beyerdynamic* M160
  • DPA* 4011
  • Electrovoice* RE20
  • Neumann* U47
  • Neumann* U87
  • Peluso* R14
  • Royer* 121
  • Sennheiser* MD421
  • ShinyBox* 46MXL
  • Shure* 545 SD
  • Shure* SM7B
  • Shure* SM57
  • Sony* C800G

Every microphone has been moved to 4 different horizontal position (Cap, Cap Edge, Cone and Cone Edge) and two distances, for a total of 8 IRs each.

All IRs in the library are phase alined, so they can be blended with no phase cancellations.


You can get a 2 days demo of this library directly into the SuperCabinet component.
Just select a library from the SuperCabinet lib menu and you will be prompted to start the trial.

Library Demo


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