The revolutionary Fluid IR processor with the biggest Fluid IR collection ever

SuperCabinet: IR processing redefined

The SuperCabinet is the revolutionary Fluid IR processor, based on Overloud's Fluid Convolution Technology, which allows to capture the real essence of each speaker and create cabinet tones in a way that has never been possible before.

  • Graphically browse the Fluid IR libraries
  • Access one of the largest high resolution IR collections ever created!
  • Compose your cabinet tone with the unique multiband mode
  • Be creative: blend multiple Fluid IRs and monitor the result
  • Create huge stereo guitar tones
  • Make it part of a TH-U preset or...
  • ... export the cabinet into a .wav IR and load it into your hardware modeler

How to get it

The SuperCabinet is included for free into the TH-U Premium license, or can be can purchased the SuperCabinet as an individual product. In this case, it comes with a set of 12 TH-U models, including amps and effects, as well as the Rig Player. See list...

Fluid IR


Fluid IRs are an advanced form of impulse responses that encapsulate more detailed sonic characteristics compared to traditional IRs. Unlike regular IRs that merely mimic a speaker's frequency response, Fluid IRs also reproduce the speaker's dynamic behavior and harmonics. This enhancement delivers a tone that is more robust, lifelike, and direct, with better management of the bass frequencies.

As of version 1.4.26, all cabinets in TH-U and all of the SuperCabinet libraries have been upgraded to include Fluid IRs, which are provided to users as a free update.

Additionally, users have the option to upload their own conventional IRs into TH-U, taking advantage of Overloud's proprietary Fluid IR technology. This technology utilizes an AI algorithm trained to transform your IRs by recreating their dynamic and harmonic responses.


Choose your IRs

Supercabinet compose

Visually browse one of the largest IR collection ever created!
You can graphically choose the speaker, the microphone model and its placement, the preamp and the power amp: the SuperCabinet automatically loads the corresponding IR in the library.
You can also load you own IRs, using the integrated file browser.

Combine multiple IRs and monitor their response

You can combine up to 4 different IRs in order to blend multiple microphones and speakers, EQ them, pan them in the stereo field, and also increase their stereo depth to create big and consistent cabinet tones.
Monitor anytime the resulting frequency response with the integrated graphic.
All the IRs in the libraries are phase aligned, in order to combine them with no phase cancellations.

Craft your own cabinet tone

The innovative Multiband mode allows to forge your cabinet by loading separate IRs on different frequencies. For example you can load a 4x12 American IR on the bass to have more punch, a 4x12 British IR on the mids to have its great presence and a 2x12 American IR on the treble to have its creamy tone.
This opens to endless tonal capabilities in a way that has never been possible before.

Supercabinet Multiband

Also, theimpedance (Z) Curve can be tweaked for each IR to simulate the electrical coupling with the Power Amplifier (see it in action...)

Create huge and wide stereo tones

In addition to panning each IR in the stereo field, the Supercabinet provides an easy tool to create big stereo guitar tracks: with the Stereo knob you can transform a mono IR into a stereo tone with one click.
When used with the Multiband mode, the tone will become more “open” in a very natural way.

Export the final IR

You can export the final IR in .wav format to use it in your favourite hardware modeler or in other software IR loaders. The exported IR contains all the adjustment you do in the Supercabinet and the same tone will be reproduced.

Includes three factory libraries (1728 IRs)

The SuperCabinet comes with three factory libraries, created by sampling a 4x12” Simms Watts*, a Friedman BE412* and a Dr.Z 2x12” cabinet.
Each library is a systematic capture of a cabinet created with 18 microphones in 16 positions each and two power amps, tube and solid state, for a total of 576 IRs.
All IRs are phase aligned: they can be blended without phase cancellations.

Factory Cabs


The SuperCabinet offers a wide collection of IR libraries, created by selected sound designers like Choptones and The Amp Factory.
Any single library in the collection is created after an extensive sampling and editing work, seeking for perfection in every capturing step.



Bundles of 3 and 10 libraries with increasing discounts are available


  • Based on Fluid Convolution technology which provides high definition IR processing, up to 185mSec
  • Impedance (Z) Curve can be tweaked for each IR to simulate the electrical coupling with the Power Amplifier (see it in action...)
  • Stereo IRs supported
  • Exports the IRs in .wav format, compatible with all the major software IR loaders and hardware modelers
  • Can import user IRs in .wav format, at any sample rate, length and bit depth
  • No latency added
  • Can be used as a TH-U component, in order to save the SuperCabinet as an effect into presets
  • Can be controlled with MIDI and Automation (for plug-in version)

The SuperCabinet is included for free into the TH-U Premium license, or can be can purchased the SuperCabinet as an individual product. In this case, it comes with the following TH-U models:

  • Rig Player
  • Darkface '65 - Amp (based on an American Twin*)
  • Rock '75 - Amp (based on a British 800)
  • Modern CH3 - Amp (Recto)
  • 1x12 Clst UK - Cabinet
  • 2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US) - Cabinet
  • 4x12 Modern (US) - Cabinet
  • SDrive One - Distortion Pedal
  • D-Delay
  • D-Reverb
  • CHR-2
  • Parametric EQ
  • Noise Gate



You can run a 15 days full feature demo of the SuperCabinet, as well as demo the individual libraries.

The SuperCabinet is part of TH-U Amp Simulator software, so in order to run a demo of the SuperCabinet you need to:

  1. Install the latest TH-U demo using the form above
  2. Click on Demo and select SuperCabinet as shown in the picture below

Supercabinet Demo

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