Jensen Speakers IR Collection

Jensen Speakers IR Collection

The official collection of Jensen® Speakers Fluid IR libraries!
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35.000+ FLUID IRs

The libraries are created with an extensive sampling and editing work in conjunction with a Jensen® Speakers product specialist, seeking for perfection in every capturing step.

"We know how our speakers are supposed to sound like! We fine-tuned the capturing process to be certain that the final Fluid IR you are going to load will give you the most real and natural playing experience as if you were playing the original speaker. So this is not just an IR. This is a digital version of the physical speaker."
- Ignazio Vagnone, Jensen Speaker Specialist



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Fluid IR


Fluid IRs are an advanced form of impulse responses that encapsulate more detailed sonic characteristics compared to traditional IRs. Unlike regular IRs that merely mimic a speaker's frequency response, Fluid IRs also reproduce the speaker's dynamic behavior and harmonics. This enhancement delivers a tone that is more robust, lifelike, and direct, with better management of the bass frequencies.

As of version 1.4.26, all cabinets in TH-U and all of the SuperCabinet libraries have been upgraded to include Fluid IRs, which are provided to users as a free update.

Additionally, users have the option to upload their own conventional IRs into TH-U, taking advantage of Overloud's proprietary Fluid IR technology. This technology utilizes an AI algorithm trained to transform your IRs by recreating their dynamic and harmonic responses.


Made for the SuperCabinet

The Jensen libraries are created for the TH-U Supercabinet, which allows to:

  • graphically browse the Fluid IRs in the library
  • blend them together
  • craft new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode
  • use the Fluid IR in the software
  • export the IRs in .wav, compatible with the software IR loaders and all the major hardware modelers
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