REmatrix Player

REmatrix Player



The best of REmatrix, multilayer convolution reverb
into a FREE plugin





rematrix player


REmatrix Player is the free convolution reverb, based on the Award-Winning REmatrix technology

It allows to import any REmatrx library and enjoy the same tone as REmatrix with essential editing capabilities.

How to get REmatrix Player

REmatrix Player is included for free in any REmatrix library.
When you purchase a REmatrix IR library, you will get your copy of REmatrix Player plugin.

REmatrix Player screenshot

Load REmatrix libraries with basic editing

REmatrix Player allows you to load the IRs and the presets of any REmatrix library.
It offers basic editing capabilities, such as tweaking the levels of the 5 layers.

Click here to see a comparison with the Full version


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