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  • DV “Raw Dawg” EG
    DV “Raw Dawg” EG

    The DV Mark Raw Dawg Signature head and the DV Mark 2x12" vertical cabinet have been designed in a partnweship between Eric Gales and DV Mark in order to create an guitar amplifier dedicated to the blues-rock style.

    It is a one-channel head with a lot of dynamic: its built-it shaping filter, designed to add presence in a very natural way and always keep the guitar tone up in the mix, makes this amp a perfect pedal platform.


  • EG Row Drive
    EG Row Drive

    For crunch and lead parts with a rock-blues vibe, TH-U Eric Gales pack includes the EG RAW Drive head, a unique amp with a modern mid-gain design. It keeps a perfect balance on all the six strings, making it particularly suited for playing chords with distortion.


  • 2x12 DV Gold 212V
    2x12 DV Gold 212V

    The DV Mark Raw Dawg Signature head and the DV Mark 2x12" vertical cabinet have been designed in a partnweship between Eric Gales and DV Mark in order to create an guitar amplifier dedicated to the blues-rock style.

    It is a one-channel head with a lot of dynamic: its built-it shaping filter, designed to add presence in a very natural way and always


  • 4x12 Modern (US)
    4x12 Modern (US)

    This 4x12 guitar cabinet is modeled after a famous modern guitar made in California. This module is the perfect complement to any guitar amplifier. The 4x12" Modern (US) This comfortable with any musical styles and will add clarity to your tone without coloring your original signal.


  • 4x12 Green (UK)
    4x12 Green (UK)

    This 4x12 guitar cab is modeled after the very famous British cabinet. It is most commonly used with heavier guitar tones. Because it is made of four speakers, it will easily fill up the space of any room.


  • EG Shape Booster
    EG Shape Booster

    The EG Shape Booster is an overdrive pedal with an integrated shaping circuit. By connecting its output to the amplifier input, it allows to choose which frequencies will be emphasized by the amp saturation. Lower shape settings are better for warm tones with mild saturation/compression, while higher settings will help your solos stand out in the mix.


  • Eric Gales Fuzz
    Eric Gales Fuzz

    The EG Fuzz is the pedal designed to recreate Eric's distortion tone while used in conjunction with the DV Mark RAW DAWG amplifier. It delivers a very distinctive tone, with a lot of clarity and dynamic transients.


  • Amp EQ
    Amp EQ

    The Amp EQ is modeled after the graphic EQ found on a famous California built modern guitar amplifier. This module offers five independent frequency bands that can be boosted or cut by 15 dB. The amp EQ is perfect to make a guitar stand out in a song. Increasing the mids will help any lead guitar cut through. Scooping the mids will produce the type of sound heard on classic Metal albums.


  • CAT

    The Cat is modeled after a classic stomp box distortion pedal known for its raw dirty - yet beautiful - distortion tones. Adding this pedal in front of any clean amp will automatically add the perfect amount of dirt needed for heavy rock rhythm sounds. This pedal is perfect for anything that needs to stand out. TheCat is great for heavier forms of Blues. It will also cover all your Punk rhythm tones. The pedal is rich in mids which makes it very useful when trying to make a musical statement that cuts through the mix.


  • Tube Nine
    Tube Nine

    The TubeNine is modeled after the famous Japanese tube enhancer guitar effect pedal. This pedal simulates the tone you would get with a warmed up tube guitar amplifier. This pedal is great to add even more realism and feel to any of Overloud’s already super realistic models. In addition to the tone control knob, the TubeNine offers a built in “mid-hump” which enhances the mid frequencies. This makes it a very useful pedal as it will help your guitar sections cut through the mix.


  • RSS Compressor
    RSS Compressor

    The RSS Comp is modeled after a classic vintage guitar compressor very sought after by collectors and tone chasers. The compressor adds warmth and sustain to your guitar tone. Increasing the sustain knob will add a slight saturation to your clean sounds giving players the feel of a warm tube amp. Adding the RSS Compressor to your guitar effect rig can really make the difference and add a musical analog feel to your overall tone. When used in a lead guitar situation, the RSS Comp helps your longer notes sustain and feedback as they would when playing through a cranked up amplifier.


  • D-Delay

    The D-Delay is modeled after a very famous stomp box pedal effect made by a very well known Japanese manufacturer. This pedal is a digital delay and will give you a very clean and precise processed signal.The effect offers a Tap function allowing you to match the repetitions to the tempo of the song you are playing. The D-Delay is a stereo effect and allows you to bounce the delayed track left and right which works wonderfully on clean arpeggiated sections.


  • D-Reverb

    The D-Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB and produces beautiful musical digital reverberation. This effect offers a very pure echo to your sound that will work in any musical situations. Add to this effect to a clean arpeggio guitar section to make its more musical. Try it with an overdriven guitar tone to add more depth in space to your sound. The D-Reverb Is a very simple guitar pedal to use. This module will make any guitar tones sound richer.


  • 9-0’ Phaser
    9-0’ Phaser

    The 9-o-Phsr is faithfully modeled after a very famous Phaser stomp box made popular by the great Eddie Van Halen. This effect pedal will work in many musical situations. In front of a clean guitar amplifier, this phaser will produce beautiful rich musical tones that will flow with the rhythm of the song you are playing. Adding it in front of a heavy guitar amp will naturally enhance certain harmonics and help your riffs cut through any mix. The 9-o-Phsr is an excellent choice if you are into rock music. It will produce a very analog like filter effects that will enhance any guitar sections you through it.


  • AmpTrem

    The AmpTrem is modeled after the classic tremolo effect as heard in classic clean American and British amplifiers. This effect works particularly well with clean guitar sections. It will add a very musical modulation to your sound. Different tremolo modes are available for you to choose from. Each modes will give you different modulation curves from discrete mellow tremolo for clean jazz voicings to more pronounced tremolo effects ideal for single note guitar lines. Combined with the delay pedal, the AmpTrem will produce a wonderful musical tone ideal for complex chord voicings.


  • CHR-2

    The CHR-2 chorus is modeled after a very popular Japanese stomp box effect pedal released in the early 80s. This pedal will give you a classic sounding chorus as heard on many classic rock records. The CHR-2 works great with arpeggiated chords. It does a great job at preserving your guitar’s original tonal character. This discreet sounding chorus is perfect for clean tones. It will enhance your sound without over-coloring your original tone. It is the perfect addition to any guitar effect rig


  • VCA Comp
    VCA Comp

    This dynamic processor is modelled on a famous soft-knee compressor based on a OTA component for the gain reduction. It has a fast action on the transients which is great to keep under control the guitar dynamics and warming up the tone at the same time.


  • Tape Delay
    Tape Delay

    The Tape Delay is a classic delay designed by Overloud. In the early infancy of delay effects, the repetitions would be produced by recording and playing back an idea on a tape. This would produce a slightly altered sound to the repetitions as tape recording is not as accurate as what we would hear with digital recording. The Tape Delay reproduces the sound played back through a tape. This type of delay is often considered warmer and more natural that what you would hear with a digital delay.


  • Wham-Me

    This legendary pedal is the premier pitch-shifting stomp for any guitarist’s board. Bring new depth to your artistry. Turn your solo into raging, rebellious screams of tone or tame your crowd with highly expressive, ambient chordal bends.  Energize your audience with a scratchy note frenzy, bring them in and out of the sound tunnel with musical bursts.


  • Cry Maybe
    Cry Maybe

    The Crying Wah is modeled after one of the most famous Wah pedals in the world. This very simple effect is capable of producing the classic sound heard over countless classic records. The Crying Wah is comfortable in many musical situations. It will help your rhythm sections stand out. It will also add beautiful expression to your guitar solos.