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  • Drover SX Lead
    Drover SX Lead

    Super high gain amp, with and incredible clarity and playability for metal solos


  • Drover M4 Dist
    Drover M4 Dist

    Mid-to-high gain amp with perfectly balanced tone for palm-muting, djent and power chords

  • Drover FT Clean
    Drover FT Clean

    Crystal clear amp, with an American style, for lush clean tones

  • Darkface '65 (US)
    Darkface '65 (US)

    The Darkface ’65 is a super clean classic American tube amp.This amp found its way in various musical styles because of its ability to preserve the guitar’s natural tonal characteristics. The amp was designed to stay clean at very high volumes. Try playing clean arpeggiated chords on this amplifier and you will understand why it has been used on so many records. Although originally built for clean guitar lines, many blues players have used it for lead guitar lines. This amp is perfect for pop rock, blues, country and jazz.


  • 4x12 Drover FT
    4x12 Drover FT

    Matched cabinet for the DROVER FT CLEAN amp, based on bright alnico speakers for crystal clear lush tones


  • 4x12 Drover Crank M4
    4x12 Drover Crank M4

    Matched cabinet for the DROVER M4 DIST amp, based on the V30 speakers for a perfectly balanced frequency response


  • 2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US)
    2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US)

    This 2 x 12” entire cabinet is perfect for clean tones and lead tones. It is voiced on the brighter side which is a great asset when trying to cut through the mix. Being that this module has two 12” speakers, it will make your guitar sound more focused than a 4 x 10” cabinet. This makes the 2x12" OB Darkface '65 (US) particularly useful for solo work. It is a great choice for Blues, Jazz or Rock.


  • 4x12 Drover Crank SX
    4x12 Drover Crank SX

    Matched cabinet for the DROVER SX LEAD amp, based on Greenback speakers for increased presence on solos


  • DrOverdrive GD-1X
    DrOverdrive GD-1X

    To enhance the OD channel of any TH-U amp, in particular Glen’s M4 and SX amps


  • Celestial Chorus Delay
    Celestial Chorus Delay

    Glen's favourite modulation and delay into a single pedal with a '90s analog flavour


  • Dro-Vibe

    Glen’s "mod" of the classic UniVibe pedal, created for more atmospherical soloing and clean tones


  • RSS Compressor
    RSS Compressor

    The RSS Comp is modeled after a classic vintage guitar compressor very sought after by collectors and tone chasers. The compressor adds warmth and sustain to your guitar tone. Increasing the sustain knob will add a slight saturation to your clean sounds giving players the feel of a warm tube amp. Adding the RSS Compressor to your guitar effect rig can really make the difference and add a musical analog feel to your overall tone. When used in a lead guitar situation, the RSS Comp helps your longer notes sustain and feedback as they would when playing through a cranked up amplifier.


  • Gate Expander
    Gate Expander

    Eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone. A unique noise detection circuit, based on the combination of an expander and a noise gate, preserves the natural attack and envelope, leaving your playing and dynamics intact.

  • Amp EQ
    Amp EQ

    The Amp EQ is modeled after the graphic EQ found on a famous California built modern guitar amplifier. This module offers five independent frequency bands that can be boosted or cut by 15 dB. The amp EQ is perfect to make a guitar stand out in a song. Increasing the mids will help any lead guitar cut through. Scooping the mids will produce the type of sound heard on classic Metal albums.


  •  Analog Flanger
    Analog Flanger

    The Analog Flanger module will accurately reproduce the classic sound of an analog Flanger guitar pedal stomp box effect.

  • Digital Delay
    Digital Delay

    The Digital Delay module is a very clean delay effect designed by Overloud. Because the delay is digital, it will reproduce exactly the original sound you are playing. This makes it a perfect choice for many musical situations, especially in modern music where it is often important to preserve a clean unaltered signal.


  • Plate Reverb
    Plate Reverb

    The Plate Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB. This effect reproduces the reverberation you would get by hitting a small steel plate under tension. This type of reverb was one of the first methods of reverberation used in the early days of studio recording. This affects produces a short delay that works particularly well at lower settings. Increasing the makes of the reverb can produce unnatural tones. The Plates Reverb works well for cleaner tones and will find its place in your guitar rig if you are into Blues or Jazz music.