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  • NG30

    The emulation of the AC30* played by the Oasis* at the Locomotive Studios*. The amp has three channels: the Normal channel has a standard voicing, with a tight tone ranging from super clean to mid crunchy tones. The brillant channel reduces the energy on the low end, very musically, adding a lot of presence and helping to balance the crunch tone. It is not a Top Boost amplifier, and it can be boosted using the overdrive pedals included in the pack.
    The Vibrato/Tremolo channel enables the modulation circuit. The selector allows to choose between the Vibrato modulation, which slightly changes the pitch, and the Tremolo modulation, which recreates the classic Vox "pulsating" tone.

  • 2x12 NG30
    2x12 NG30

    The emulation of the cabinet of the NG30 combo. It is based on the Vox Blue Bulldog 30W Alnico speakers. They deliver a very brilliant tone, which is slightly attenuated by the piece of cloth added to this particular amp, making it really unique.
    Thanks to Overloud Fluid Convolution you can place up to 4 microphones in the 3D space around the cab and blend them with custom IRs. The ReSPiRe option adds the feeling of standing nearby the cabinet.

  • Rig Player
    Rig Player

    The Overloud proprietary technology allows our engineers to capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound. Rig To Model technology allows to capture both analog and digital setups.

  • Darkface '65 (US)
    Darkface '65 (US)

    The Darkface ’65 is a super clean classic American tube amp.This amp found its way in various musical styles because of its ability to preserve the guitar’s natural tonal characteristics. The amp was designed to stay clean at very high volumes. Try playing clean arpeggiated chords on this amplifier and you will understand why it has been used on so many records.

  • Rock '75 (UK)
    Rock '75 (UK)

    The Rock ’75 was one of the most popular British tube amps in the 80s. Although used in a lot of hard rock bands, it is very capable of handling clean arpeggiated chords. This amp is also popular amongst blues-rock players because of its beautiful crunchy overdrive which responds well to guitar players’ dynamics. This100 watts amplifier is considered a "hot" amplifier because it has more gain stages than comparable amplifiers.


    This amplifier is an original design by Overloud. It has been developed to create the typical Progressive Metal tone: very high gain but smooth, with a perfect balance on all the frequencies. It allows to play chords without loosing the clarty of each string.

  • Slo 88 (US) LEAD
    Slo 88 (US) LEAD

    The Slo 88 (US) amp is based on an American all tube guitar preamp released in the late 80s on the West Coast. The amp includes three distinct channels giving much flexibility and versatility to guitar players. The third channel is wonderful for lead guitar work. The distortion of the Slo 88 (US) is very musical and will add lots of gain to your guitar without changing its character. This channel also works great for heavier hard rock riffs. Your guitar will really cut nicely through the mix because of the natural bright voicing of this channel.

  • 1x12 Clst (UK)
    1x12 Clst (UK)

    This 1x12”guitar cabinet is a great choice for any musical styles. Equipped with Celestion speakers, this module is a favorite amongst many players who require a single speaker tone that can handle cleans, overdriven tones, and heavier lead sounds. Many blues rock players have made this 1x12" Clst (UK) guitar cabinet the central part of their set up. Because it is a single speaker cab, your tone will sound more focused and take a little less space.

  • 2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US)
    2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US)

    This 2x12” entire cabinet is perfect for clean tones and lead tones. It is voiced on the brighter side which is a great asset when trying to cut through the mix. Being that this module has two 12” speakers, it will make your guitar sound more focused than a 4 x 10” cabinet. This makes the 2x12" OB Darkface '65 (US) particularly useful for solo work. It is a great choice for Blues, Jazz or Rock.

  • 2x12 OB Green (UK)
    2x12 OB Green (UK)

    This 2x12” guitar cab is modeled after a classic British guitar cab made famous for its ability to carry out all the nuances of your playing. The original cab was released in the early 60s and still remains a favorite amongst many professional guitar players.

  • 4x12 Modern (US)
    4x12 Modern (US)

    This 4x12” guitar cabinet is modeled after a famous modern guitar made in California. This module is the perfect complement to any guitar amplifier. The 4x12" Modern (US) This comfortable with any musical styles and will add clarity to your tone without coloring your original signal.

  • 4x12 VINTAGE (UK)
    4x12 VINTAGE (UK)

    This 4x12” guitar cab is modeled after a classic British cab released in the early 60s. If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, it is more than likely that you saw those cabs on stage. This module will give your tone huge depth and tons of character. It is comfortable in most musical situations, but will really shine with the drive knob of your amp cranked up.

  • Analog Booster
    Analog Boost

    This special treble booster allows to control separately the total amount of boost and the amount of treble boost.
    The Boost knob sets the total amount of gain. The Tone knob sets the amount of gain of the high frequencies. This pedal is particularly useful to push into saturation the amp of the 60’s which, without a treble booster, may sound too muddy on the low end.

  • CHR-2

    The CHR-2 chorus is modeled after a very popular Japanese stomp box effect pedal released in the early 80s. This pedal will give you a classic sounding chorus as heard on many classic rock records. The CHR-2 works great with arpeggiated chords. It does a great job at preserving your guitar’s original tonal character. This discreet sounding chorus is perfect for clean tones. It will enhance your sound without over-coloring your original tone. It is the perfect addition to any guitar effect rig!

  • SDriveOne

    The SDriveOne guitar overdrive is modeled after a very famous Japanese stomp pedal. It offers a super smooth and musical overdriven tone that does a fantastic job at preserving the subtle nuances of your playing. The SDriveOne module is perfect for Blues and Rock. It adds a natural tube sounding voicing to any guitar rig. Turning the Drive knob all the way up will produces a heavy creamy sound reminiscent of British overdriven amps. This makes it great for punchy rock riffs or solos.

  • D-Reverb

    The D-Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB and produces beautiful musical digital reverberation. This effect offers a very pure echo to your sound that will work in any musical situations. Add to this effect to a clean arpeggio guitar section to make its more musical. Try it with an overdriven guitar tone to add more depth in space to your sound. The D-Reverb Is a very simple guitar pedal to use. This module will make any guitar tones sound richer.

  • D-Delay

    The D-Delay is modeled after a very famous stomp box pedal effect made by a very well known Japanese manufacturer. This pedal is a digital delay and will give you a very clean and precise processed signal.The effect offers a Tap function allowing you to match the repetitions to the tempo of the song you are playing. The D-Delay is a stereo effect and allows you to bounce the delayed track left and right which works wonderfully on clean arpeggiated sections.

  • Tube Nine
    Tube Nine

    The TubeNine is modeled after the famous Japanese tube enhancer guitar effect pedal. This pedal simulates the tone you would get with a warmed up tube guitar amplifier. This pedal is great to add even more realism and feel to any of Overloud’s already super realistic models. In addition to the tone control knob, the TubeNine offers a built in “mid-hump” which enhances the mid frequencies. This makes it a very useful pedal as it will help your guitar sections cut through the mix.

  • 7-Band GEQ
    7-Band GEQ

    The 7-Band GEQ is modeled after a famous Japanese stomp box guitar effect manufacturer. This pedal is very easy to use. It offers seven adjustable frequencies without the complexity of certain studio rack mount equalizers. Each frequency can be boosted or cut by 15dB. This gives you tons of flexibility and control over your guitar tones. Adding the 7-Band GEQ after a distortion unit can also be very useful to eliminate unwanted noises by decreasing the higher frequencies. This is a must pedal for any guitar players wanting to shape their tone.


  • AQTX Spring Rev
    AQTX Spring Rev

    The AQTX Spring Reverb is modeled after one of the most famous spring reverbs in the world. Adding this effect to any guitar track will add a genuine reverberated sound to it as heard in many the vintage guitar amplifiers. The effect offers a Spring section which allows you to set the length and tension of the modeled spring which in turn affects the type of reverb you here. Because of its analog character, the AQTX Spring Reverb Works particularly well when the combined with classic warm tube amps. Adding this module to your guitar effect rig when playing Blues or Jazz will do wonders to your tone.

  • Parametric EQ
    Parametric EQ

    The Parametric EQ is an Overloud custom equalizer that allows you to shape your tone further than what most guitar amplifiers allow you to. Two separate frequencies can be adjusted. This module is particularly useful when trying to make a lead guitar stand out in a mix. Increasing the mids will give you more definition and help you cut through the other tracks. Scooping the mids will give you a super heavy tone when used in conjunction of a heavily distorted amp.

  • Parametric EQ 4 Bands
    Parametric EQ 4 Bands

    The Parametric EQ is an Overloud custom equalizer that allows you to shape your tone further than what most guitar amplifiers allow you to. Two separate frequencies can be adjusted. This module is particularly useful when trying to make a lead guitar stand out in a mix. Increasing the mids will give you more definition and help you cut through the other tracks. Scooping the mids will give you a super heavy tone when used in conjunction of a heavily distorted amp.