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  • MF Devil Lead
    MF Devil Lead

    Marty Friedman soulful and intense solo parts are the main aspect of his unique style, so he needs to be supported by an amp tone providing enough gain, sustain and dynamics to let him deliver any nuance he wants to express during his lead parts. This amp model puts together all these features, offering the most modern tones used by Marty on his latest albums. INCLUDES A BUILT-IN NOISE SUPPRESSOR


  • MF Devil Crunch
    MF Devil Crunch

    Marty Friedman uses a lot of fat and properly distorted crunch tones to play his rhythm parts. These kind of sounds need to be powerful, but any note and articulation needs to be clear, so his Devil Crunch amp model puts together enough gain to create a big tone, offering at the same time the possibility to play a clean part just rolling down the volume control on the guitar.

  • MF Heaven Clean
    MF Heaven Clean

    This is a super clean, tight and slightly compressed tone that is a real trademark of Marty Friedman’s clean sound on many of his most popular songs. All his “go to” EQ and Dynamics settings have been featured into this model to let Marty feel immediately at home when searching a proper clean tone.

  • MF Tornado
    MF Tornado

    Marty Friedman needed an amp model to let him immediately recreate his old rigs during the Megadeth golden era. Back then he was using different rigs compared to his most recent equipment, so the MF Tornado is the perfect component to dive in the Marty old days material.


  • MF Booster
    MF Booster

    This is a prefect energy injection when using a crunchy tone on a rhythm part to get the right punch for a heavier riff or lead moment. It gives the right input signal boost to turn any crunch tone into a high gain amp style one. INCLUDES A BUILT-IN NOISE SUPPRESSOR


  • MF Eternity
    MF Eternity

    Marty Friedman’s clean tones on songs like Tibet or Valley of Eternity have been created using a specific preset on an old DSP guitar processor connected straight into the mixing desk. This component features all the effects found on that patch, letting Marty easily dial in the perfect sound to play those songs.


  • 4x12 MF Angel
    4x12 MF Angel

    This cabinet works great on clean and more vintage oriented crunch tones, offering a great dynamic response and warm sound.


  • 4x12 MF Dragon
    4x12 MF Dragon

    We can consider this cabinet features like a mix of Angel and Demon cab models, so it’s incredibly versatile and can be used from clean atmospheres to high gain situations, still delivering an incredible punch and dynamics.


  • 4x12 MF Demon
    4x12 MF Demon

    This cabinet is a recreation of Marty Friedman’s most modern and tight sounding speaker. It works great for Rhythm and Lead parts and it delivers a bright and powerful tone


  • 4x12 HiPower (UK)
    4x12 HiPower (UK)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet speaker is modeled after a very famous British cabinet used by many guitar players. Although this cabinet is capable of handling any types of guitar tones, it works particularly well with overdriven guitar tones. Because this is a four speaker guitar cabinet, it has tons of low end and can fill up any room size.


  • CHR-5

    The CHR-5 is a super clean stereo chorus modeled after a famous Japanese stomp box manufacturer. This chorus can produce rich full stereo choruses that will add tons of depth and width to your clean arpeggiated guitar sections. Adjusting the rate will produce some very interesting organ-like tones great for jazz comping. The pedal also offers a High and Low cut knob which will allow you to cut through any mix and prevent the processed guitar to be drawn in a song with many tracks.


  • Space Machine
    Space Machine

    The Space Machine adds a huge stereo depth to the guitar tracks without adding reverb


  • AcGtrSimul

    The AcGtrSimul It is modeled after a Japanese stomp box pedal effect that gives your guitar tone and acoustic field. Use this module over clean rhythm sections or clean melodic lead lines to simulate the sound of an acoustic instrument. This effect works best with clean setups. The Bottom and Treble knobs act as EQ controls. The Body knob adjusts the resonance of the assimilated acoustic guitar body. Adding a discrete reverb at the end of your effect chain will help accentuate the acoustic effect created by the pedal.

  • D-Delay

    The D-Delay is modeled after a very famous stomp box pedal effect made by a very well known Japanese manufacturer. This pedal is a digital delay and will give you a very clean and precise processed signal.The effect offers a Tap function allowing you to match the repetitions to the tempo of the song you are playing. The D-Delay is a stereo effect and allows you to bounce the delayed track left and right which works wonderfully on clean arpeggiated sections.


  • 7-Band GEQ
    7-Band GEQ

    The 7-Band GEQ is modeled after a famous Japanese stomp box guitar effect manufacturer. This pedal is very easy to use. It offers seven adjustable frequencies without the complexity of certain studio rack mount equalizers. Each frequency can be boosted or cut by 15dB. This gives you tons of flexibility and control over your guitar tones. Adding the 7-Band GEQ after a distortion unit can also be very useful to eliminate unwanted noises by decreasing the higher frequencies. This is a must pedal for any guitar players wanting to shape their tone.

  • RSS Compressor
    RSS Compressor

    The RSS Comp is modeled after a classic vintage guitar compressor very sought after by collectors and tone chasers. The compressor adds warmth and sustain to your guitar tone. Increasing the sustain knob will add a slight saturation to your clean sounds giving players the feel of a warm tube amp. Adding the RSS Compressor to your guitar effect rig can really make the difference and add a musical analog feel to your overall tone. When used in a lead guitar situation, the RSS Comp helps your longer notes sustain and feedback as they would when playing through a cranked up amplifier.


  • Quiet

    Eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone. A unique noise removal circuit, based on adaptive filtering, preserves the natural attack and envelope, leaving your playing and dynamics intact.

  • D-Reverb

    The D-Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB and produces beautiful musical digital reverberation. This effect offers a very pure echo to your sound that will work in any musical situations. Add to this effect to a clean arpeggio guitar section to make its more musical. Try it with an overdriven guitar tone to add more depth in space to your sound. The D-Reverb Is a very simple guitar pedal to use. This module will make any guitar tones sound richer.

  • VCA Comp
    VCA Comp

    This dynamic processor is modelled on a famous soft-knee compressor based on a OTA component for the gain reduction. It has a fast action on the transients which is great to keep under control the guitar dynamics and warming up the tone at the same time.