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  • RB Libra Lead

    The RB Libra is the head designed by Rob Balducci for his main lead tones. It offers the kind of presence and sustain ideal for instrumental rock melodic solos. The picking attack is sharp and smooth, even at the higher gain settings. Should be used in conjunction with its 4x12 Libra cabinet.

  • 4x12 Libra

    The 4x12" cabinet, with Creamback 75 speakers, designed by Rob Balducci to be used in conjunction with his RB Libra head, to get his main lead tone. This cabinet emphasizes the frequencies which add a lot of clarity and definition for instrumental rock melodic solos.

  • x-AC boost
    x-AC boost

    The X-AC model seeks to recreate the tone of a Xotic* AC Booster pedal. It is a highly transparent overdrive, used as a principle gain stage for those who like an extremely organic distortion that cleans up when you roll off the guitar’s volume. The distortion it produces is warm and open and helps articulate your playing nuances.


  • x-bb Pre
    x-bb Pre

    The X-BB model seeks to recreate the tone of a Xotic* BB Preamp pedal. Reminiscent of a tube amp breaking up, it is a great sounding soft distortion and sustain pedal and it has a special place in Rob's pedalboard. It is extremely versatile, and it allows you to get a very wide range of different tones. It will work extremely well as a clean overdrive, or even something heavier like a hard rock overdrive tone.


  • Darkface '65 (US)
    Darkface '65 (US)

    The Darkface ’65 is a super clean classic American tube amp.This amp found its way in various musical styles because of its ability to preserve the guitar’s natural tonal characteristics. The amp was designed to stay clean at very high volumes. Try playing clean arpeggiated chords on this amplifier and you will understand why it has been used on so many records. Although originally built for clean guitar lines, many blues players have used it for lead guitar lines. This amp is perfect for pop rock, blues, country and jazz.


  • 4x12 Green (UK)
    4x12 Green (UK)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cab is modeled after the very famous British cabinet. It is most commonly used with heavier guitar tones. Because it is made of four speakers, it will easily fill up the space of any room.


  • 2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US)
    2x12 OB Darkface '65 (US)

    This 2 x 12” entire cabinet is perfect for clean tones and lead tones. It is voiced on the brighter side which is a great asset when trying to cut through the mix. Being that this module has two 12” speakers, it will make your guitar sound more focused than a 4 x 10” cabinet. This makes the 2x12" OB Darkface '65 (US) particularly useful for solo work. It is a great choice for Blues, Jazz or Rock.


  • Pattern Delay
    Pattern Delay

    The Pattern Delay is an Overloud custom delay capable of producing over 65 different repeated rhythm patterns. Each rhythm pattern can be set to the tempo you determine thanks to the Tap function. There are many uses for the Pattern Delay, from clean arpeggiated work, to single note melodic riffs. This module can run in mono or stereo. Use the Stereo Width knob to increase or decrease the width of the effect.


  • Room Reverb
    Room Reverb

    The Room reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB. His module simulates the reverberation you would get from playing in a small to medium size room. This type of reverb is very natural sounding and can be used in any musical styles. Adding the Room Reverb to your guitar signal will add natural depth to your tone. This can make your guitar sound more natural and musical. If you are looking to add more realism to your recorded tracks, give the Room Reverb to try.


  • Tape Delay
    Tape Delay

    The Tape Delay is a classic delay designed by Overloud. In the early infancy of delay effects, the repetitions would be produced by recording and playing back an idea on a tape. This would produce a slightly altered sound to the repetitions as tape recording is not as accurate as what we would hear with digital recording. The Tape Delay reproduces the sound played back through a tape. This type of delay is often considered warmer and more natural that what you would hear with a digital delay.


  • BeeDeeToo

    The BeeDeeToo is modeled after a famous Blues overdrive pedal. Once activated, the pedal will deliver a warm creamy overdriven tone perfect for the Blues. With the drive on lower settings, the pedal can act as a booster which is great when trying to cut through a mix a bit better. Increasing the drive will give you a very musical overdriven lead tone. The pedal is great when you need to add a bit of character and dirt to you tone without getting into full distortion.


  • 7-Band GEQ
    7-Band GEQ

    The 7-Band GEQ is modeled after a famous Japanese stomp box guitar effect manufacturer. This pedal is very easy to use. It offers seven adjustable frequencies without the complexity of certain studio rack mount equalizers. Each frequency can be boosted or cut by 15dB. This gives you tons of flexibility and control over your guitar tones. Adding the 7-Band GEQ after a distortion unit can also be very useful to eliminate unwanted noises by decreasing the higher frequencies. This is a must pedal for any guitar players wanting to shape their tone.


  • RSS Compressor
    RSS Compressor

    The RSS Comp is modeled after a classic vintage guitar compressor very sought after by collectors and tone chasers. The compressor adds warmth and sustain to your guitar tone. Increasing the sustain knob will add a slight saturation to your clean sounds giving players the feel of a warm tube amp. Adding the RSS Compressor to your guitar effect rig can really make the difference and add a musical analog feel to your overall tone. When used in a lead guitar situation, the RSS Comp helps your longer notes sustain and feedback as they would when playing through a cranked up amplifier.


  • CHR-2

    The CHR-2 chorus is modeled after a very popular Japanese stomp box effect pedal released in the early 80s. This pedal will give you a classic sounding chorus as heard on many classic rock records. The CHR-2 works great with arpeggiated chords. It does a great job at preserving your guitar’s original tonal character. This discreet sounding chorus is perfect for clean tones. It will enhance your sound without over-coloring your original tone. It is the perfect addition to any guitar effect rig!


  • D-Delay

    The D-Delay is modeled after a very famous stomp box pedal effect made by a very well known Japanese manufacturer. This pedal is a digital delay and will give you a very clean and precise processed signal.The effect offers a Tap function allowing you to match the repetitions to the tempo of the song you are playing. The D-Delay is a stereo effect and allows you to bounce the delayed track left and right which works wonderfully on clean arpeggiated sections.


  • D-Reverb

    The D-Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB and produces beautiful musical digital reverberation. This effect offers a very pure echo to your sound that will work in any musical situations. Add to this effect to a clean arpeggio guitar section to make its more musical. Try it with an overdriven guitar tone to add more depth in space to your sound. The D-Reverb Is a very simple guitar pedal to use. This module will make any guitar tones sound richer.


  • Octaver

    The Octaver is modeled after a famous Japanese guitar stomp box pedal. Enabling the effect will double your signal an octave lower. This is great for heavy guitar riffs and will add an incredible synth-like tone to your musical lines. Adding the Octaver to a lead guitar solo will help it stand out in the mix. This effect also works beautifully with clean tones. Try adding it to a single notes Funk rhythm motif for instant gratification. Use the Tone knob to shape the overall sound of the added octaves.


  • SDriveOne

    The SDriveOne guitar overdrive is modeled after a very famous Japanese stomp pedal. It offers a super smooth and musical overdriven tone that does a fantastic job at preserving the subtle nuances of your playing. The SDriveOne module is perfect for Blues and Rock. It adds a natural tube sounding voicing to any guitar rig. Turning the Drive knob all the way up will produces a heavy creamy sound reminiscent of British overdriven amps. This makes it great for punchy rock riffs or solos.


  • 9-O' PHASER
    9-O' PHASER

    The 9-o-Phsr is faithfully modeled after a very famous Phaser stomp box made popular by the great Eddie Van Halen. This effect pedal will work in many musical situations. In front of a clean guitar amplifier, this phaser will produce beautiful rich musical tones that will flow with the rhythm of the song you are playing. Adding it in front of a heavy guitar amp will naturally enhance certain harmonics and help your riffs cut through any mix. The 9-o-Phsr is an excellent choice if you are into rock music. It will produce a very analog like filter effects that will enhance any guitar sections you through it.


  • Rich Flanger
    Rich Flanger

    The Rich Flanger was modeled after a classic boutique Flanger pedal. adding this module your guitar rig will produce rich, thick musical flanging sounds. The Rich Flanger effect is suitable for any musical styles. Adding it in front of a clean amp will complement any arpeggiated guitar section. Matching the speed knob to the tempo of the song you are playing will help your guitar track fit nicely with the rest of the instruments. Adding the Rich Flanger in front of an overdriven guitar amplifier will add character and life to your guitar riffs.


  • Gate Expander
    Gate Expander

    Eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone. A unique noise detection circuit, based on the combination of an expander and a noise gate, preserves the natural attack and envelope, leaving your playing and dynamics intact.

  • UniVibrato

    The UniVibrato is modeled after a classic boutique vibrato peddle from the late 60s found in many famous guitar players including Jimi Hendrix. This module is capable of producing beautiful deep rich tones that will add life to any rhythm section. Adding the UniVibrato in front of a clean guitar amplifier will create Rotery-like tones that work particularly well with ballads and jazz. Adding the effect to an overdriven guitar rig will produce a very pleasing lead tone that will work in most musical situations where your guitar needs more depth and character.


  • Wham-me

    This legendary pedal is the premier pitch-shifting stomp for any guitarist’s board. Bring new depth to your artistry. Turn your solo into raging, rebellious screams of tone or tame your crowd with highly expressive, ambient chordal bends. Energize your audience with a scratchy note frenzy, bring them in and out of the sound tunnel with musical bursts.

  • cry maybe
    cry maybe

    The Crying Wah is modeled after one of the most famous Wah pedals in the world. This very simple effect is capable of producing the classic sound heard over countless classic records. The Crying Wah is comfortable in many musical situations. It will help your rhythm sections stand out. It will also add beautiful expression to your guitar solos.


  • Parametric EQ
    Parametric EQ

    The Parametric EQ is an Overloud custom equalizer that allows you to shape your tone further than what most guitar amplifiers allow you to. Two separate frequencies can be adjusted. This module is particularly useful when trying to make a lead guitar stand out in a mix. Increasing the mids will give you more definition and help you cut through the other tracks. Scooping the mids will give you a super heavy tone when used in conjunction of a heavily distorted amp.

  • Fried Small50 Capture
    Fried Small50 Capture

    The capture of the Fried Smallbox* 50 head and a Brit 4x12" cabinet with Creamback 75 speakers

  • Fend BassM Capture
    Fend BassM Capture

    The capture of the Fend Bassman* head and a 4x12" cabinet with G12T-75 speakers

  • Bog Fish Capture
    Bog Fish Capture

    The capture of the Bogner* Fish head and a Bogner 2x12" cabinet with G12M speakers

  • Sold100 Capture
    Sold100 Capture

    The capture of the Bogner* XTC head and a Bogner* 4x12" cabinet with V30 speakers

  • Bogie JP2C Capture
    Bogie JP2C Capture

    The capture of the SLO100 head and a VHT 4x12" cabinet

  • Bogie Mark IIC+ Capture
    Bogie Mark IIC+ Capture

    The capture of the Boogie* JP2C Petrucci* head and a Boogie 4x12" recto cabinet

  • Robs Twin Reverb Capture
    Robs Twin Reverb Capture

    The capture of the Boogie* Mark IIC+ head and a Boogie 2x12" recto cabinet

  • Robs XTC Capture
    Robs XTC Capture

    The capture of Rob's Twin* Reverb with its 2x12" combo speakers