Modulated Springs and Plates

Modulated Springs and Plates

230 IRs created from several electro-mechanical reverbs, for a pure vintage atmosphere

Electro-mechanical reverbs. Pure vintage atmosphere.

Modulated Springs and Plates has been developed by MoReVoX, by capturing several electro-mechanical vintage reverbs, like the EMT 140, the EMT 250 plates and many Accutronics springs.

IRs have been enriched with modulations, in order to create lush and warm atmospheres with a vintage vibe.
The library is particularly suited for electric pianos, guitars and vocals.


A collection of 230 IRs and 300 individual presets

The presets have been created during real mix studio sessions with a particular focus on vocals, keyboards, synth, drums as well as acoustic instruments.

The impulses are divided into two banks: one bank made with single IR presets, designed to replicate the original vibe, and a second multi-layer bank where the presets combine two or more IRs from different units layered together, extending the tonal palette and creating some really unprecedented reverb spaces.

The library is created for REmatrix, the first multilayer convolution reverb.

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REmatrix offers a wide collection of reverb libraries, created by Sabino Cannone (MoReVoX) as well as Grammy Award winning engineers like Rafa Sardina and John Paterno.


REmatrix Player included

All the REmatrix libraries include the REmatrix Player plug-in for free. REmatrix is the unique multilayer convolver which allows to load the IRs and blend them to create unique reverb flavours.

REmatrix Player offers the same features of the REmatrix Full plugin with a limited set of editing capabilities. See the differences between REmatrix Full and REmatrix Player.

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