TH-U Evergreen

TH-U Evergreen

TH-U Edition + 3 Rig Libraries for a total of 82 Amps, 81 Cabinets and 16 Effects which cover any musical style




TH-U Evergreen Bundle Box

TH-U Evergreen Bundle

TH-U Evergreen is the Guitar Amp and Effects bundle, composed by TH-U and 3 Rig Libraries, which covers the most classic guitar tones. It contains the following products:

for a total of:

  • 82 Guitar Amp models
  • 81 Guitar cabinets
  • 16 Effects
  • 150 Patches

Rig Player

TH-U is able to load rig models created from real setups.
The Overloud proprietary technology allows our engineers to capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound. Rig To Model technology allows to capture both analog and digital setups. The Rig Player, integrated into TH-U, allows you to reproduce any nuance of the sampled rigs.



TH-U Funk and R&B offers all the features of TH-U Premium version with a selected number of models:

  • Amp Tweak technology, allows to mod the amplifiers by changing the preamp and poweramp tube models, as well as simulating the action of a variac
  • Rig Player (with 10 factory rigs), allows to reproduce rig models created by capturing real setups
  • 4th generation analog emulation technology, with proprietary nonlinear processing algorithm
  • 18 microphone models, with up to four mics on each cabinet
  • 3D, gap-less positioning of microphones and room simulation
  • Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe 2 technology
  • Easy to build or modify your own signal path
  • Intelligent MIDI controls
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • BREVERB and SpringAge based reverb effects